The News-Gazette: Brilliant Piano Recital

The News-Gazette: Brilliant Piano Recital

The News-Gazette

Brilliant Piano Recital
By John Frayne

On March 14, pianist Yekwon Sunwoo, who won the Van Cliburn International Competiton Gold Medal, came to the Foellinger Great hall, and demonstrated marvelous pianistic skills.

Clearly a major talent, Sunwoo played with the most delicate sensitivity and also with enormous power and dazzling velocity when the music demanded those skills.

Sunwoo is a poet of the keyboard, with obvious Romantic sensibilities…

Sunwoo is the first Korean to win Van Cliburn gold, and after the recital, the line of Sunwoo fans, eager to meet him, stretched far across the Krannert lobby.

Are comparisons with Lang Lang in order?

Time will tell.

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